Friday, February 13, 2015

Presents for the Quintessential Bookworm (that are not books)

         I recognize that holiday season is long gone (No, I do not consider Valentines Day a holiday. I mean the words 'love-is-in-the-air' are sickening enough without the ubiquitous commercialization and gory beginnings), but who said presents should be confined to Christmas and Birthdays anyway?

Buying presents for book-lovers is a bit tricky. It may be tempting to just drop into the closest Barnes and Nobles and just pick a random paperback, but that's a bad idea for many reasons.
I repeat, DO NOT buy your bookworm friend a book!

First of all, you cannot buy them a copy of their favorite book, because they probably already have one (and most bookworms like their old worn-out copies thank you very much).

Second, they might not like the book, but will still read it one day and hate every moment of it. Do you really want to inflict that much torture? (compulsive reading should be a disorder.. I once read a Gossip Girl book that I found at the back of my bookshelf; it made me frown so much that I started to worry that my face would get stuck that way)

Luckily, there are plenty of other book-related things that you could get your favorite bookworm without actually having to stir further than your laptop.

Book Fashion

Is your book-lover the stereotypical train wreck who's always forgetting to brush their hair because they were too engrossed in their book? Or are they the pinnacle of modern fashion?
Either way, book fashion is something they will love - I mean which bookworm doesn't want to literally wear their passion on their sleeves?

A book scarf featuring The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
Find more here:

Bookshelf Accessories

Every good bookworm has a spectacular bookshelf that needs accessorizing :)

Book sculptures from third-hand books
Check out some amazing book accessories here:

And lastly, if you absolutely must celebrate Valentines Day and plan to buy flowers for your Bibliophile, why not give them book roses? If you're asking me what I'm talking about - they're literally roses made of books. Books and Valentines..who would have thought?

Book roses
Find more at:


  1. I am totally forwarding your blog link to my family. Super ideas for future presents. (A friend gave me several paperbacks for Christmas that either already have a copy of or read on my Kindle. I ended up donating them.) BTW, my husband gave me a silver "Scrabble" tile "G" with little diamonds for Valentine's Day. Loved it!

    1. Thanks Professor Gail :)
      I love the idea of Scrabble Necklaces - i will find them, and add them to the post; they are lovely additions to the whole bookish-valentine-thing.

  2. Love this! I actually decided to buy everyone books for Christmas and tried to turn everyone into a bookworm ;)

    1. Thanks for reading Kayla :)
      Did the christmas present thing work?

  3. Great post! Love these ideas, especially the bookshelf accessories!

    1. Yup :) Bookshelves aren't just for books
      Thanks for reading!